Monday, March 28, 2016

Beautiful Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires looks and feels much bigger than we anticipated. It is the capital and largest city of Argentina with a population of 3 million in the central district and 13 million people in the metropolitan area. It is also one of the largest urban concentrations in the world. The city has just over 15k inhabitants per square km; by comparison, Toronto has a population density of just over 4k inhabitants per square km.

We are staying just outside the central district in Palermo ( like Danforth to downtown Toronto). 
We are on the 5th floor and the best thing ever is that Le Mignon on street level is a patisserie that is one of the best, ever! 

The community itself is made up of blocks and blocks of condos/ apartments. This is how the density is made up.

The good news is that every corner and half block is a coffee or patisserie, all different and family owned. 
I've never seen so many ever, certainly more than Tim Hortons in Toronto. Starbucks is here, opening up in 2007, but dwarfed in size by all the existing owners. 

As far as food basics, I am a bit disappointed with the limited chocolate that I can find; they prefer desserts (thank goodness I like both). Cathy has finally hit on some nice wine, a welcome relief from the past 5 countries visited (preference really).

We're here for two weeks and will post more about this wonderful place.

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  1. I see it's going to be hot there over the next few days - enjoy!