Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And We're Off!

After hours and hours of reading, planning, talking to friends- and their friends, meeting new people who have already been on the safari or tour or just came back from wherever- after all the foreign currency calculations and translator software packages and sun tan lotions- we’re on our way for our trip around the world!

The expression “it’s the journey, not the trip” is very apt for us now- we have no idea how we’re going to feel one month from now or three continents from now. But we do know we won’t have to use an alarm clock every weekday and we won’t have to rush and get as much packed in on a weekend.
Hopefully we will actually enjoy travelling! Cathy says she loves travelling by train- I wonder if she’ll say the same thing 11 months from now. We'll also be doing a lot by bus… like going through the Patagonia in Argentina and probably a lot of Asia. And let's not forget the 38,902 air miles we just booked; we have a lot to travel.

I just hope we can capture the essence of different nationalities, cultures, history and people and explain all of this in the blog! 

Hola mondo, aquĆ­ venimos (hello world, here we come)!!

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