Monday, February 29, 2016

Chillin in Chile

I was wondering over the last few days what was different about being in Concon. I've been to seasides many times before and I'm used to the steady waves coming in to shore. But what is different with our stay here is that there is no real rush to move on.
It's fanastic to watch the waves for hours on end and go for long walks along the shore.

Don't get me wrong, we're really looking forward to seeing more of the world. The thing is, I think 'retirement' is beginning to sink in! We don't have to rush to the next country and there are no real time commitments. So when I say we're chillin in Chile, I'm saying it literally.
Like these Pelicans, there's nothing better to do for them (or us) than just hang out by the shore and gawk at passerbys.

And the crowds? No need to be 'in amongst the crowds'; just move on to more quieter places and times.

Like a sunset- so routine that it happens every day. Yet now, we can take the time to admire the majesty of it all...

When I think it would be nice to go back to my book... that's chillin and something totally different than what we've been accustomed to. It's an amazing realization that the world awaits us and we can take the time to enjoy. You can tell we're having a blast. And up to this moment on our trip, still in love and still holding hands...

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