Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seymour Island (Isla Seymour)

I didn't know until I actually got here that there are species found in the Galápagos that you won't find anywhere else on earth. So our trip to Seymour Island turned out to be fantastic. I'll be the first to tell you that birds aren't really my thing but on this island the birds and reptiles don't really move when humans are present- it's a very strange phenomenon. 

I really wanted to see what they call the Blue-footed booby and wasn't disappointed. These guys really do have blue legs-

Next up is the Frigate birds. The male bird, during mating, will 'puff up' (probably getting ready to, you know...). Our guide said, without skipping a beat "the bigger the puff, the bigger the..."

This next shot is a female frigate bird and her young one. Note the colour difference...

Of course, you always get entertained by the sea lions and this guy really hammed it up for the camera-

Last, and definitely not least, is this shot of a land Iguana- 

I ran like hell right after taking this shot as he was moving really fast at me and I wasn't going to be his dinner!!

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