Friday, February 5, 2016

For B. Young Forever

When we were at Tortuga Bay, a new friend was putting out this heart for her friend Brian-
The 'heart' I'm holding is made of glass from a daughter who's Dad passed last year. The story behind this is that he always wanted to travel but came down with a breathing problem when he turned 50 and died of it last year at 65.
His daughter made a few dozens of these hearts and has given them out to people she knows are travelling. She asks that they leave them in a favourite travel spot so they can be picked up by another traveller and then they could take it somewhere else in their travels. In that way, her Dad would be seeing the world through the eyes of others. 
I'm planning on leaving it somewhere in Santiago when we get there in a few weeks. And I'll post it on Facebook on his site. I think this is fabulous and thought you'd appreciate this.


  1. Such a beautiful story, great pic Dan

  2. The photos are breath taking and I love the inclusion of maps for those who need a bit of help with the geography.