Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pacific Coast Chile

We are staying in the coastal town of ConCon, shown here in the upper left of the map and about 2 hours from Santiago:
Getting here was somewhat uneventful by bus with the exception that we didn't know we had passed the town till we were 16 miles past it. With two lanes along the coast, our friendly bus driver just stopped the bus when a returning bus approached, stopping all traffic allowing us to get our bags from the cargo-hold, wheel them across the highway and onto the other bus back to ConCon. 

Of interest, this town had an 8.3 level earthquake in September last year as it is part of the 'Pacific Ring of Fire'. Fortunately, there were no casualties or visible damage.

Where we are staying, we overlook the main beach:
It is very peaceful early in the morning but during the day the surfing crowd takes over:
This time of year is considered the end of their summer with school starting up in two weeks. Still, there are a lot of vacationers here and the 'feel' is really a beach town. Lonely Planet and others say this is also the gastronomical capital of Chile- we're really looking forward to this but only see fast-food so far.

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